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With more than 25 years’ experience in the exclusive marketing of premium real estate we are the leading specialist for the sale of freehold apartments in German metropolises directly from the project developer.


  • Sales advice in 15 languages
  • An established network of banks, independent financial brokers and solicitors
  • Service worldwide: With more than 300 offices in over 80 countries JLL provides its clients with an international network that has exceptional coverage and presence
  • “All-in” package including rental, facility, concierge and furnishing services


Profitable investment

be.grow is not only aimed at discerning investors who simply want more and are looking for a promising capital investment in one of the most exciting metropolises in the world. be.grow is also the perfect entry-level flat for young (new) Berliners. And a great opportunity to start building up assets and providing for old age at an early age. Buying is more attractive than ever before and often even cheaper than renting. So why bother to find a good rental flat when you can easily get your own four walls.


Profitable investment

With be.grow, a team of experienced real estate and finance specialists create a sophisticated residential concept for owner-occupiers and at the same time a promising capital investment with a high letting chance in a growing metropolis. Whether for long or short term: Many quickly feel at home here – young professionals, commuters, original Berliners and Berlin fans.


Identifying opportunities

The combination of the attractive location in the middle of the trendy neighbourhood and the furnishing of the flats creates an optimal basis for immediate letting after completion. The exclusive brand name furnishings of selected manufacturers guarantee longevity of the interior in all rooms and thus reduces maintenance costs. In addition, the size concept and modular room layout of the flats are geared to the needs of the residents and reduce administrative expenses through longer letting periods.


An efficient contribution

Due to the construction according to EnEV requirements, the running energy costs can be reduced. All exterior walls are equipped with the latest standards of thermal insulation composite systems and windows have thermal insulation glazing. The building receives a district heating connection and is supplied by a heat exchanger. This allows a primary energy factor of 0.45 to be achieved. This makes further energetic measures superfluous.


Developing new trends together

Our partnerships and strong network make it possible for us to realise new and innovative real estate projects. Creating your future home.